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About Me

I started my career working as a special needs teacher and parenting adviser. After having my own children - four girls, I studied homeopathy becuase I wanted to treat their first aid needs naturally and give them a healthy start.

My career took a turn when I provided homeopathic treatment to a nine-year-old child with severe ADHD and other complaints. This lad had already tried to commit suicide, he wet the bed, couldn't read or write, and had destroyed much of the family home. He also had warts all over his hands. I considered this whole picture and found an appropriate homeopathic remedy. His mum and I watched in astonishment as his problems melted away over about 6 weeks, and he learnt to read.

He experienced greater improvements than anything I had seen in my previous work. I wondered why homeopathy wasn't more widely used, and was told there wasn't any evidence.

So, motivated to improve outcomes for those with ADHD, I embarked on research: first I conducted a literature review of the trials of Homeopathy for ADHD to find out just what evidence there was, as part of a B.Sc. Then I did an M.Sc at Goldsmiths, University of London where I explored the effectiveness of treatment by a homeopath for children with ADHD in a comparative case series. Then I did a PhD at the University of Sheffield conducting a randomised controlled trial testing the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment and nutritional therapy for children with ADHD.

I live in the Chilterns with my family and animals (dogs, ducks, horses, chickens and a cat). I work part time as a therapist specialising in the treatment of children with ADHD and other emotional and behavioural disorders, and part time as a researcher, continuing to research how to improving outcomes for ADHD.

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