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Research into natural treatments for ADHD

This section is about the ADHD research projects I've done, trying to make life easier for ADHD by testing what works.

Projects : Projects

The STAR Project
Sheffield Treatments for ADHD Research

The STAR project is all about making life easier for those with ADHD, by testing treatments as they are experienced in real life clinical practice, to see whether they are helpful.

What we did.

First we created a cohort of families with ADHD, by asking them to complete a questionnaire. You can join this cohort by visiting You can also find out more about the project by visiting our Facebook page

The idea is to then conduct trials by offering treatments to a random selection of the STAR cohort.

What we've tested so far.

Treatment by homeopaths and Treatment by Nutritional Therapists.

What we've found.

Treatment by homeopaths was really helpful for children's emotional dysregulation - that means the temper tantrums, the tears, anxiety and the mood swings.

Treatment by nutritional therapists was really helpful for children's restlessness and inattention. 

Read more about the study design here.


Making Cases Count

This project was to explore how effective homeopathic treatment was. I provided treatment to the first 20 children who applied, and then I compared their results with another 10 children who I visited, but didn't offer homeopathic treatment to. 

About 25% saw really big improvements; 50% saw moderate improvements, and 25% didn't see much improvement. You can read about the study here. And read some individual case examples here and here 

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Future plans

I want  to test other natural treatments, and test the two treatments tested so far in larger numbers. 
I want to spread the word that ADHD  can be helped, and there are natural approaches which can be really helpful. All this needs money. If you want to support this work, do get in touch.

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